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Happy Chaos’ arrival is still over a day away as the next DLC character for Guilty Gear Strive, but we can see what sorts of gifts he’ll be bringing with him.

Arc System Works have released the patch notes for Strive’s Version 1.11 update, which is also scheduled to drop on November 30.

Alongside the new DLC fighter, Strive will also be offering the option to decorate player rooms / lobbies with furniture and accessories that can be acquired through fishing, which you can find more information on here.

There are minor changes in store for Chipp, May, Jack-O, Potemkin, Ramlethal and Zato-1 within the update as well though they all amount to bug fixes for existing issues.

May’s adjustment is likely the most impactful though, as she’ll seemingly lose her ability to do simpler touch of death combos off of wall bounces that appeared after the last balance patch.

You can check out the full patch notes below or on the Guilty Gear website.


– Fixed a bug where characters would sometimes behave strangely after a successful throw clash.

– Fixed a bug where the character would be blown back in a different direction depending on the direction they were facing after being with with a Psych Burst or Roman Cancel while their position completely overlaps with the opponent.

– Fixed a bug where with unnatural behavior occurring after activating Roman Cancel directly after inputting the dash button.

Network Mode

– Added “Room Customization” to Player Match.

– You can customize your player room by selecting Network > Player Match > Room Customization from the menu.

– Added a fishing option exclusively for Room Customization items.

Zansei Rouga

– Fixed a bug where Chipp would sometimes land during the motion.

– Fixed a bug where Jack-O would be unable to attack a Servant at a certain timing after the Servant lands.

– Fixed a bug where sometimes Servants would be erased by Jack-O’s attacks.

– Fixed a bug where Servants would take an unintended trajectory after being hit by Jack-O’s Standing Close Slash or Standing Far Slash after the update to Version 1.10.

Mr. Dolphin (Horizontal) HS Version

– Fixed a bug with the Wall Break value scaling after the Version 1.10 update.

Giganter Kai

– Fixed a bug where the hitbox would remain after it should no longer be active.

– Fixed a bug where her swords would behave strangely under certain conditions such as after a successful throw clash, etc.

Damed Fang

– Fixed a bug where the opponent would move to an unintended position after activating a Roman Cancel directly after being successfully grabbed by this move.

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