Huge Runescape Mod Shut Down Just Hours Before Release – Kotaku

Jagex Blocks Release Of Popular Runescape Mod Runelite HD

Mod creator 117 say they attempted to compromise with Jagex, even offering to remove their mod once the company had finished and released their own efforts, but “they declined outright”, seemingly spelling the end for a project that had consumed “approximately over 2000 hours of work over two years”.

Yesterday, September 6, 2021, RuneLite HD would have been released. The code had been reviewed and bugs had been fixed – it was ready to go. You would have been playing with it right now. Yet, at the eleventh hour, Jagex contacted me asking me to take it down in light of the reveal that they have a similarly-themed graphical improvement project that is “relatively early in the exploration stages”.

I offered a compromise of removing my project from RuneLite once they are ready to release theirs, in addition to allowing them collaborative control over the visual direction of my project. They declined outright.

So, it appears that this is the end. Approximately 2000 of hours of work over two years. A huge outpouring of support from all of you. I could never have imagined the overwhelmingly positive response I’ve had to this project.

I am beyond disappointed and frustrated with Jagex, and I am so very sorry that, after this long journey, I’m not able to share this project with you.

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