The RedMagic 6S Pro ups its gamer cred with an RGB-lit internal fan and a transparent back – Android Police

The RedMagic brand may not ring a bell for many outside the mobile gaming community, but the Nubia brand has made a name for itself by selling affordable high-end gaming smartphones. And that’s exactly the niche the company is aiming its next device at again, the RedMagic 6S Pro. It’s a step-up compared to the RedMagic 6R and 6, though the similarities are striking outside a few key specifications.

The RedMagic 6S Pro checks all the necessary boxes. It’s got the Snapdragon 888+, compared to the Snapdragon 888 in its predecessors. That’s coupled with 12 or 16 GB of RAM, 128 or 256GB of UFS 3.1 storage, and a 5050mAh battery that supports up to 66W quick charging (a 30W brick is included in the box). When plugged in while gaming, the “Charge Separation” feature allows the phone to draw power right from the outlet, preventing battery degradation. On the front, a 6.8-inch FHD+ 20:9 screen with a 165Hz refresh rate is in charge of giving you a delightful gaming experience.

Then there’s the back that does its part to scream “gaming” to the world.  The partially transparent back (only available on the 16/256GB variant) lets you see the integrated fan that lights up in RGB colors when in use. RedMagic claims that it didn’t just redo the visuals, but that the new design is both more efficient and more silent, which would be great — we didn’t like how loud the RedMagic 6 regularly got during gaming sessions. The back further houses dual shoulder triggers which were upgraded to a 450Hz touch sampling rate, giving you an even better response time than previous models. Like before, the triggers can be customized to fit “any” game.

The RedMagic 6S Pro also supports most of the latest and greatest standards — dual-band Wi-Fi 6E, 5G (claiming support for all “key” regions), and Bluetooth 5.1 are all on board (not 5.2, sadly, though). On the connectivity front, there’s USB Type-C, a 3.5mm audio jack, NFC, and support for HDMI.

The RedMagic 6S Pro will be available from September 27 in the US, Canada, most of Europe, and select Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern countries. It will be sold in the following colors and configurations on the RedMagic website, where you’ll be able to pre-order the phone starting September 18 at some form of early bird offer, too:

  • Cyborg (Black) 12+128: USD/EUR 599 GBP 519
  • Cyborg (Black) 16+256: USD/EUR 699 GBP 609
  • Ghost (Transparent) 16+256: USD/EUR 729 GBP 629

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