Sonic Colors: Ultimate Glitches Could Cause Seizures – Kotaku

Sonic Colors: Ultimate Glitches Could Cause Seizures, Patch Soon

However, there are bugs and glitches, and a lot of the issues raised are real. That’s demonstrated by GameXplain, who put together a video of the bugs they encountered while playing on a proper real-life actual Switch:

Other outlets have confirmed the bugs, including Nintendo World Report, who linked (and reproduced) this video, which I won’t embed due to the extreme likelihood of its content causing seizures. Which is, well, not so great for Sega.

The game is due out tomorrow on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch, so while the seizure-inducing bugs do seem to require quite some jiggery-pokery to cause, those with epilepsy may want to hold off until the patch is rolled out.

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