343 Is Changing Halo Infinite’s Motion Tracker To Be More Like The Old Games – Kotaku

Halo Infinite’s Radar Sucked, But 343 Is Fixing It

The beauty of Halo, at least in the past, has been the ability for players to customize game modes and create their own horrible or amazing creations. So I hope that for folks who prefer the more competitive radar seen in the beta, that 343 includes an option to turn it back on or has a more “hardcore” playlist that uses it. But for me, a longtime fan of Halo who prefers the classic radar and how matches play out using it, I’m happy for the change.


If you care about all the other changes — including tweaks being made to the UI, gun noises, how bots move around the map, what medals will look like, and how daily challenges work — you should check out the full post over at Halo Waypoint.

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