A new PS5 is out in Australia but don’t get too excited over it – CNET


The new PS5 has two small differences. 

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

There’s an updated PlayStation 5 out on store shelves in Australia. This new SKU, however, has the most minimal of changes from the original PS5. 

PS5s with the model number CFI-1102A began selling in Australia this weekend according to a report from Press Start on Friday. The two changes in the new version are a weight difference of 300 grams and a new base screw. 

That’s it.

The launch PS5 weighs in at 3.9kg, or 8.6 pounds, and the new SKU is a slimmed-down 3.6kg, or 7.9 pounds. Where Sony was able to trim the fat is unknown as of now, but it could be in a variety of places in the large console. 

As for the new screw, launch PS5s had a base screw that required the use of a screwdriver, coin or even a fingernail. The new version has a bigger screw with a grip so it can be screwed in by hand. 

Sony didn’t immediately respond to questions on when this new model will make its way to the US and other countries. 

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