How to disable Facebook location tracking? –

It is well known that Facebook tracks its users, but what people might be less aware of is the fact that they can also where you are in the world. That helps them to give your information to companied that then send location-specific ads your way, so how can you stop this from happening?

Below, we will explain the simple steps that you can go through to stop Facebook from tracking your location, even when you are not on the app.

How to disable Facebook location tracking on iOS

First you will need to load up the Facebook app on your phone and go to ‘Settings & Privacy‘, which is in the ‘Menu‘ part of the app.

From there, click on ‘Settings‘ before scrolling down until you find ‘Privacy‘. Then, click on the ‘Location‘ option once you see it.

Once you have clicked on ‘Location‘ and selected the setting that you prefer, with the options being ‘Only Use While Using the App‘, ‘Always Allow‘ and ‘Don’t Allow‘.

It is also possible to turn off ‘Location History‘ through a toggle, which means that Facebook will not be able to remember the places you have visited.

How to disable Facebook location tracking on Android

Similarly to if you are using an iOS device, load up the Facebook app on your Android phone and go to ‘Settings & Privacy‘. Then, press on ‘Settings‘.

Make sure to scroll down to the ‘Privacy‘ section before pressing on the ‘Location‘ button.

That will allow you to select ‘Location Settings‘ and from there you can either turn location tracking on or off.

There is also the ‘Background Location‘ option which will allow you to decide if you want Facebook to track your location even when you are not on the app.

It is advised to completely turn these settings off due to Facebook‘s history of using user data, but if you like to use a service like ‘Nearby Friends‘, it might be worth just restricting the location access to only when you are actually on the app.

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