Mafia ‘Titanic Mod’ Released After 15 Years Of Fan Development – Kotaku

This mod includes features not found in the original base game, such as fully climbable ladders and swimming. These features were added into the mod with the help of a small team that Bongaarts works with.

If you want to try out the Titanic Mod, you’ll need a vanilla, unmodded version of the game. The Steam and GOG versions of the open-world game will also work, though this mod doesn’t support other mods like the popular widescreen fix. And no, this won’t work in last year’s Mafia Definitive Edition.

You can read more about the creator of the mod via that previously mentioned Eurogamer interview or check out the Titanic mod’s history via its Moddb page.

(h/t: Eurogamer)



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