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Mark Zuckerberg has friends, they just live on the Metaverse

…Hmm. In the words of one disappointed, yet somewhat unsurprised man: Well, we didn’t know what we expected.

This 2007-esque Wii Sports knockoff is Horizon Workrooms, the first major productivity project available now for beta trials on Facebook Oculus 2 VR headsets. “Zuckerberg said that as far back as middle school, he thought about how to create an immersive system where people could feel like they were together playing games or exploring–part of something called the ‘metaverse,’” reads a report from CBS News. Of course, this is bullshit for two obvious reasons:

A) Zuckerberg has likely never played a game in his life.

B) We’re not too sure he actually has friends.

Horizon Workrooms is just a sad, multimillion-dollar attempt to convince everyone otherwise. Sure, Zuck—you’ve totally got a bunch of best friends who think you’re super cool and fun, they just happen to live in a different state. On the “Metaverse.” So, in summation, Facebook’s revolutionary metaphysical transformation for society is basically just Wii Boardroom. What wondrous times we live in.

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