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We’re now getting word that the first Ford Mustang Mach-e GT deliveries are happening. A Rapid Red GT Performance customer showed off his two-week early score in Iowa today. Are more on the way?

According to the macheforums poster 0t60-3.5, the Rapid Red model arrived last night to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, two weeks earlier than expected. He picked it up at the dealer last night, just in time to take a few snaps and charge it up.

The Mach-E forums member said:

Well, sorry, but took delivery late afternoon, departed dealership at 5:45pm, was late for a business dinner, then home, took wife for a spin, back home and took a couple snapshots, posted on this forum, got charging, and went to bed. Hardly time for more, but know for sure people are eager to see and hear more, so will dabble a little today (have work to do) but do more this weekend. Look for more soon! I would add that delivery estimate week was 8/29-9/4, so delivery on 8/19 was completely unexpectedly early, so was unprepared!

Yes GT deliveries have begun and will ramp up over the next few months

Ford had announced that there would be a six-week delay in Mach E deliveries earlier this month and offered those affected by the delay a 250kW (about 700 miles) charging credit on Electrify America’s network. With the chip shortages and other pandemic supply chain issues, Ford is making more Mach-E (in Mexico) than traditional Mustangs (in the US).

reviewed the Mustang Mach-E First edition back in chilly February, coming away impressed with the range, ride, space and styling. It compares favorably in a lot of ways to Tesla’s Model Y.

Ford priced track-ready Mach-E GT at $60K, GT Performance at $65K, an aggressive price for its high end Mustangs that are still eligible for the current $7500 Federal Tax Credit in the US and various state and local incentives. The GT looks similar to the slower Mach-E, with the biggest difference being the plastic carbon fiber faux grill and pony show up front, shown below.

GT and Performance Edition GT earlier this year, and Ford had surpassed its initial estimates and came in on par with its lower power versions:

Ford Mustang Mach-E (Targeted EPA-estimated range) Ford Mustang Mach-E (Final EPA-estimated range)
GT: 250 miles GT: 270 miles
GT Performance Edition: 235 miles GT Performance Edition: 260 miles

The Mach-E GT Performance Edition hits a 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds, which is a pretty hot choice. When reviewing the First edition, I noted:

Here’s where I don’t think people fully grasp the electric vs. ICE difference in speed. Sure, there are ICE cars that do 5 second or less 0-60 times. But to get that fast, you are downshifting, red-lining, and hitting gears jerky and hard in most fast gas-powered cars. It feels and sounds like you are doing real damage to the struggling engine that was not designed to do this often.

Compare that to an EV that just sucks you forward like a rail gun. You can do your best 0-60 at every freeway entrance forever in an EV and no one bats an eye. But if you do that with an ICE car, people are going to call the cops on you.

Update: More photos from the poster:


Wheels and tires:

Electrek’s take:

Earlier than promised delivery? During a pandemic? Chip shortage? Supply chain issues? Bravo, Ford!

Under promising and over delivering is something we’re not seeing much of in the EV industry these days. I hope a lot of other makers (ahem, Tesla) are taking note.

As for the GT itself, I was very close to ordering one, but I want to test drive it first and compare it vs. the Hyundai Ioniq 5. That said, I think this is a frontrunner as my next car. I also want to see the progress Ford has made on “self-driving.”

We, of course, will keep the Tesla Model Y in the family and will use it for long trips for the immediate future. On our 200 mile trip to Vermont in the dead of winter, it performed admirably, and the non-Tesla charging network is getting much better, so I think it will be viable for longer trips soon.

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