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“Sitting is the new smoking,” is the melodramatic phrase you’ve probably heard from a chiropractor or yoga fanatic. While that’s probably not an apples-to-apples comparison, sitting for long periods of time has been shown to be quite hazardous for your back. If you work at a desk (or on the couch) for long periods, a standing desk or desk converter that forces you to your feet for a while can really help. This sturdy Flexispot standing desk converter is on sale right now, down 50% to $60 on Amazon. It normally sells for twice that, as do most other comparable models we found. 

This two-tier desk converter is fully adjustable so you can go from sitting to standing with ease. It’s also lightweight but large enough to fit two full monitors. 

The converter is great if you’ve already got a desk you like. If you need the whole shebang, a bunch of full Flexispot standing desks are also on sale, including this standing desk with electronic mechanical lift, down to $200. There’s also a full-sized electronic standing desk with USB charging ports, down to $320.

And if you really want to get weird — and fit — there’s a stationary bike desk on sale, down to $320, also for today only.

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