As more and more vaccines are distributed worldwide — and as more businesses require vaccination for entry — keeping proof of your vaccine history on you is essential. We’ve previously looked at ways to save the card on your phone, and Google Pay has slowly expanded support for virtual proof beginning with Australia. If you’re using a Samsung phone, you won’t have to wait much longer to store your own information digitally.

Over the next couple of weeks, Samsung Pay is gaining support in the US for storing SMART health cards. The company is partnering with CommonHealth, a health data service available on the Play Store designed for tracking and collecting personal wellness information. With CommonHealth, you can securely verify and upload your vaccination status, which syncs directly with Samsung Pay on your phone. Once a card has been added to the app, all you need to do is tap “Add to Samsung Pay” to keep quick access to your status, all without the need to carry physical proof.

If needed, you can also share your Covid-19 Vaccine Record Card over a secure line as a QR code to any trusted source that may require it, including schools, workplaces, travel agencies, and healthcare providers. As students prepare to head back to in-person classrooms — many of which require vaccination to attend — it’s arriving at the perfect time.

Samsung says this feature will be made available to any Pay-supported device in the US over the next two weeks. While you wait, you can download the CommonHealth app on your phone right now using the Play Store link below.

CommonHealth - Store Your Personal Health Data
CommonHealth - Store Your Personal Health Data