Samsung Pay can now store your coronavirus vaccine card on your phone – XDA Developers

After Google added support for COVID-19 vaccination cards to Google Pay, Samsung has now announced that it is doing the same with Samsung Pay. Users of the service will be able to load their SMART Health Cards displaying their COVID-19 vaccination status within Samsung Pay. This will allow U.S. consumers to download a verifiable digital version of their vaccination record from pharmacies or health systems and securely store in on their smartphone via the CommonHealth app on supported Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

As announced by Samsung, the feature will be rolling o9ut over the next two weeks, and you’ll need to download the CommonHealth app from the Google Play Store. Once verified, the vaccination record can then be added to Samsung Pay for access when required. It’s shown as a QR code and can be shared with trusted parties, such as for traveling or for a workplace. CommonHealth is a health data service used for tracking your health information and can be used for sharing medical records with services and organizations.

Health pass on Samsung Pay

To add a pass, download the CommonHealth app from the Google Play Store. Simply follow the instructions to add your COVID-19 vaccination certificate to the app. Once added, you can click the “add to Samsung Pay” button inside of the app. You’ll be brought to Samsung Pay, and all you’ll then need to do is select “COVID-19 Vaccine pass” from the homepage of the app. It’ll now be stored in Samsung Pay alongside your payment cards, and you can access the QR code for scanning anywhere it’s required.

You can download the app in preparation for the feature’s rollout below. It comes at a perfect time as society begins to open up and vaccination records are required for the likes of in-person classrooms and international travel.

CommonHealth - Store Your Personal Health Data
CommonHealth - Store Your Personal Health Data
Price: Free

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