Growth spurt pushes Google Contacts to 1 billion installs in the Play Store – Android Police

The days of holding onto business cards or flipping through a phone book are long gone. Thanks to our modern smartphones, managing contacts across all of your various devices is super easy. There’s no better app on Android for this than Google Contacts, which saves every phone number and email address on your phone and syncs them with your entire account. Less than a year after surpassing the 500 million mark, Contacts has joined the 1 billion installs club on the Play Store.

For as essential an app as Contacts is, you’d be forgiven in thinking it must’ve already hit this goal ages ago. However, Google only added it to the Play Store for non-Nexus (and later Pixel) phones back in 2015, preventing the app from hitting this milestone any earlier. It comes on the heels of a recent redesign for the app, adding in a splash of Material You color themes and some new rounded icons for good measure. Other recent additions include a trash folder and the ability to change your Google account photo directly from your personal contact listing.

If you aren’t already using Contacts — and really, what are you waiting for? — you can grab it using the Play Store link below or the latest APK from APK Mirror.


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