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Google might unveil the Pixel 5a on August 17th

Google is apparently ready for a surprise Pixel 5a announcement, after hinting that not all upcoming Pixel phones will be powered by its new homebrew Tensor processor. They could’ve been, by all counts, talking about its next budget Pixel 5a phone, as the rumored Pixel Fold might very well arrive with a Tensor chipset of its own.

Google Pixel 5a announcement and release dates

  • Pixel 5a announcement date: August 17
  • Pixel 5a release date: August 26

The same sources that leaked the gratuitously bigger Pixel 5a battery now claim they have been privy to the actual announcement date all along, and peg August 17 for the grand unveiling, adding to the previous release date rumors of August 26. Both sound entirely plausible as the Pixel 4a was released in August last year as well. 

Yes, that is as soon as tomorrow, so tune in often to learn all there is to know about what could allegedly become America’s next budget king. At the rumored $450 Pixel 5a price, and with the new giant battery capacity, there will be little to match its camera prowess in the category, too.

As usual of late, Google could simply issue a press release some time before the lunch break tomorrow, and call it an announcement date, as there is most likely not going to be a grand unveiling Pixel 5a event, given the specs and the pandemic restrictions. Stay tuned.

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