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Long-term AAPL investors, who have seen the value of their stock rise substantially over the years, should give back to Apple, suggests one of them.

Financial adviser Paul Lane says that he always spends money on buying the latest and greatest iPhones and iPads each year…

PED30 carried Lane’s message.

Like most of your subscribers I have owned shares in Apple for many years. It is my largest investment and (fingers crossed) will continue to handsomely fund my retirement.

In return, I support Apple in my own way by…

    • always buying the latest iPhone and iPad for myself and my wife
    • ditto for the Apple Watch
    • regularly updating our iMacs and laptops
    • buying Apple Care
    • subscribing to Apple One
    • etc.

The impact on Apple of these actions may be minuscule, but I feel it’s the least I can do. As a bonus, my wife and I get to own and enjoy the latest Apple products. In addition, by showing off our new acquisitions to friends and colleagues, we’ve probably helped Apple make some extra sales.

Just as importantly, I find a way to sell our year-old iPhones. They always command prices that substantially offset the cost of the new ones. I have done this with a dozen iPhones since our original iPhone 3GS, which means I have made a non-trivial contribution toward the iPhone’s growing installed base. Same with various iPads and Watches.

I would like to encourage my fellow Apple 3.0 investors to consider doing the same. Why hold on to your iPhones or iPads for years? You can afford to buy the new ones with the generous returns of your Apple investment. Grow the installed base and act as a mobile showroom with Apple’s latest and greatest in your hands and on your wrist.

What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments.

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