Photos: NASA’s 3D-printed Mars habitat where people will spend a year – Business Insider

The structure, known as Mars Dune Alpha, is a collaboration between Icon and architect firm Bjarke Ingels Group.


Mars Dune Alpha is taking shape.

Icon is a company that seamlessly constructs buildings onsite without having to piece together individual units. 

The company’s 3D printer, known as the Vulcan, will churn out layers of cement to simulate a realistic Mars. The habitat intends to inform and support crew health and performance for future missions.

3D-printed homes are becoming increasingly popular. They are quick to build, and in some cases, it takes just a few hours to print a home.

In 2019, Icon partnered with New Story, a housing nonprofit based in San Francisco to produce a 350-square-foot tiny home that took just 48 hours to build.

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