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OnePlus 9 in Tea: Is OnePlus 9T still on the table or does OnePlus need help?

Some weeks back, it was reported that OnePlus has decided to break with its six years tradition of launching a T variant in the second half of the year. The company has now indicated that the OnePlus 9T might be on the way.

An image posted on Twitter seemingly shows a blue OnePlus phone that we haven’t seen before on a bed of tea leaves. The accompanying text suggests it’s the OnePlus 9T.
Whether OnePlus is really teasing a new phone or it is another feeble attempt to steal Samsung’s thunder remains to be seen. As Tom’s Guide points out, the tweet was posted moments before Samsung unveiled its latest Galaxy Z foldable phones.

Will there be a OnePlus 9T?

If OnePlus has indeed decided to not launch the OnePlus 9T, it could be a long wait before its next true flagship is released. The Chinese company might be reassessing its strategy, given that its portfolio has grown in recent times, thanks to the Nord phones.
Otherwise, there is no apparent reason for OnePlus to not release a T flagship this year. The global chip shortage, which has affected some key players, was not seen as an issue by the company earlier this year. The situation may have changed though, given that even Apple – which was largely insulated from the problem – now expects the shortage to impact iPhone production.

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