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(Pocket-lint) – Reuters reports that a new legislative proposal set to be presented by the European Commission next month will require mobile product manufactures to use a standard charging port across all devices – effectively outlawing the existence of the iPhone Lightning port. A move so drastic would all but guarantee Apple do either one of two things: finally convert the iPhones port to USB-C or go portless altogether. 

If you’re feeling a wave of déjà vu, it’s because this isn’t the first time a story like this has broken. Last year, EU lawmakers voted with near unanimity (582-40) in favor of legislating a common charging port standard. While that proposal failed to convert into an engrained law, it’s been nearly a decade of trying for this type of bill, so it feels like ultimately something will budge at some point or another.  

There hasn’t been any official written confirmation that the universal port the EU will decide to choose will in fact be USB-C, however, considering nearly every single laptop and mobile phone besides the iPhone uses it (including Apple’s very own iPad and MacBook line), that shouldn’t be too controversial of a conclusion to jump to.

Notorious Apple leaker Jon Prosser doesn’t believe the iPhone will ever see a USB-C port. 

Apple, of course, petitions heavily against any moves of this sort. In 2019, they wrote a defense as to why such a proposal would both stifle innovation and hurt the environment. While logically that argument doesn’t seem to hold up, it’ll be interesting to hear what the company claims this time around. 

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