Daytime Drive-in Theater Debuts In Loudon, Tennessee – Deadline

There’s day drinking, daytime television, and day care. Now, there’s a daytime drive-in theater.

The new Loco Drive-In in Loudon, Tenn. is open for business, allowing viewers who can’t wait for the night to see films in the comfort of the great outdoors during the day.

A 35-foot by 63-foot LED video board screen is capable of screening films in bright sunlight. The screen uses Samsung technology to display a 4K picture, similar to a traditional television.

“There’s no facility that we know of like this right now in the US. That’s what Hollywood is telling us,” said Gordon Whitener, founder and CEO of the Whitener Company, to Knox News. “This will be truly unique… the drive-in will be the core, but we’ll have concerts, car shows, boat shows and more.”

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