GTA 2 inspired Glitchpunk is out now in early access – Rock Paper Shotgun

I’ve been tracking Glitchpunk with one augmented eye for a while now (while rewatching House with the other). The GTA 2 inspired cyberpunk action game has promised an early access release for a few months, and it’s finally live. It’s not quite what they’d hoped to release, with only one city out of the four being available at launch, but there’s already plans for a second in a few weeks.

Port town New Baltia is available now, and will be followed in about a month by New Texas (they’d planned to release it on launch day, but that didn’t happen). Neo Tokyo and Moscow will eventually be added to round out the game. Each city has its own stories to play through, with specific gangs to deal with in each one. It seems quite a handy set-up for early access, with new content being slotted in every time the map expands.

I have it downloaded, but haven’t had any time to play it yet. The allure of a tech-heavy, futuristic GTA 2 is compelling. Adding hacking to the mix of overtly violent problem solving is what most intrigues me. It lets you control the minds of other characters in the game, and you can take control of lots of devices. The hacks seem very Watch Dogs-esque, letting you drain banks and control other cars. I really dig messing with things at high-speed, so if I can get over my Splitgate addiction that’s my weekend sorted.

A bit of Glitchpunk is out now on Steam.

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