The freshly announced Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is extremely cool, but while it might be historically inexpensive as far as smartphones that fold in half go, it’s still priced like a flagship at $1,000. If you’re after one but don’t want to drop that kind of cash, and you’re either already on or willing to switch to Google Fi, you can save a ton on the thing: $400, to be exact, plus an additional $150 in Samsung credit.

To save, just buy a Z Flip3 from and activate it on your plan within 30 days. Full-service plan, that is — Google points out data-only lines don’t qualify. You’ll get $400 in bill credit, which is 40 dang percent of the phone’s purchase price. The deal is available to both existing and new customers, although Google stipulates new customers will need to port a number in.

That “bring your number” bit is because I’m not currently a subscriber. Existing customers also qualify.

In addition to the $400 in service credit, you’ll also get $150 in credit to spend on That part’s actually true regardless of where you buy the phone; all you have to do is order the device by August 26 and register it with Samsung. Still, the promotions stack, and together add up to a whopping $550 in savings — which means you can score the Z Flip3 for all of $450 once it’s all said and done. Not bad at all for trendy new tech.

Head to the link below to order yours. For full promo details, click here.