Wasserstein launches its new Made for Google Nest Cam and Doorbell (battery) accessories – Chrome Unboxed

With the launch of the next-generation Nest battery-powered Doorbell and Camera, Wasserstein, a leading smart-home accessory manufacturer and Made for Google product partner has just launched a segment of its online store that features brand new accessories for these exciting, upcoming devices.

Right now, you can pick up the Google Nest Cam (battery) Anti-Theft Mount, which is an effective solution to prevent the device from being stolen or tampered with. It’s built for outdoor use and made of high-grade materials. It only takes a few minutes to mount, and even comes with an included toolkit to get the job done. The best part is that it’s only $14.99 USD to pick one up!


Coming soon, and currently available for pre-order, the company is also offering the following accessories for the new Google Nest Cam (battery)

Wasserstein Floodlight

For the Google Nest Doorbell (battery), Wasserstein is launching really neat Adjustable Horizontal and Vertical Wedge mounts which allow you to manually angle your Nest Doorbell in situations where you’d need better viewing than the positioning of your front door or wall provides. The Horizontal Wedge mount allows for a 35 to 55-degree adjustment, while the Vertical Wedge Mount allows for a 0 to 10-degree adjustment. Both are just $14.99 USD apiece.

Wasserstein Vertical Adjustable Wedge

Oh, the Doorbell also has a Wall Plate accessory that you can pick up now (It’s just $12.99 USD). It’s made to cover any hole or marks that were left by your old doorbell prior to its uninstallation. It’s a nice touch that I’m glad the company thought about something so seemingly trivial in the grand scheme of things. Wasserstein is known for its ‘thoughtful’ approach to smart home design, and this certainly shows it.

Up for pre-order, the accessory maker has a custom-built Solar Panel for the Doorbell as well, providing power to it with only a few hours of sunlight – as with its other solar panel offerings because, you know, that’s what solar panels do. I never thought I would be writing about powering your doorbell with a solar panel in 2021, but here we are, right?

Back when I was a kid, these things weren’t even cameras, and they certainly weren’t powered by the sun. The benefit is obviously that you no longer need to worry about any downtime due to batteries dying if you have one of these. The panel for the Doorbell will cost you $49.99 USD when it releases in November.


For many, Wasserstein’s thoughtful accessories will make or break the purchase of these next-generation Google Nest battery-powered Cameras and Doorbells. The modifications and extensibility that they bring to the table are indispensable, and though I hadn’t heard of the company before today, I’m excited to load up my cart with one of everything.

Apparently, they’ve been around since 2015, and have been creating accessories in partnership with Google since the Dropcam Pro. They’ve also got their products in 900 Best Buy stores across the States, so we’re not talking about some shady eBay seller here. Let me know in the comments if you’re going to pre-order or pick up anything we covered today!

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