PlayStation Accidentally Leaks Delay of Big PS4 and PS5 Game –

PlayStation accidentally just leaked a delay of a big upcoming PS4 and PS5 game, or at least that’s what appears to have just happened. Currently, Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to release in 2021. While Sony has admitted it could be delayed, so far, it hasn’t pulled the trigger. However, it looks like it may already internally know it’s not going to hit this release window, which would mean Sony won’t have a single big PS4 and PS5 exclusive this holiday season to compete against Xbox, who is releasing both Forza Horizon 5 and Halo Infinite in a few months, though there are also rumblings the latter may not make its 2021 window either.

While PlayStation PR hasn’t had a word to say about Horizon Forbidden West lately, PlayStation fans couldn’t help but notice a new post from PlayStation Germany about the “must plays games” for the second half of the year was missing the Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

Could this be an error of no consequence? Yes. Could the game’s omission simply be because the 2021 window is up in the air? Sure. Both of these things are possible, but that doesn’t mean they are probable. That said, this doesn’t confirm a delay either, but it’s certainly odd and not the greatest news for PS4 and PS5 players still holding out to go on a new journey with Aloy this year.

At the moment of publishing, PlayStation has commented on any of this speculation, and at this point, we don’t expect this to change. Not only has it had plenty of time to correct the record, but typically it doesn’t touch rumors, reports, leaks, speculation, or any information of the unofficial variety with any type of comment. For example, back at the end of July, a report surfaced claiming Horizon Forbidden West was being delayed. So far, Sony has yet to acknowledge this report. That said, if for some reason PlayStation budges on this position in the coming hours or days, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

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